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About Us

The Peter Renz company has been the general agent, authorized distributor and service centre of the ZF Friedrichshafen AG cooperation since 1992.

Thanks to many years of experience and access to modern technologies and technical knowledge, we are able to provide our customers with professional assistance with respect to the selection of the ZF components for machines and vehicles.

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  • HYWEMA Service
  • Telma Service

Peter Renz works as service specialized in the products of German Motoren und Turbinen Union (MTU) Friedrichshafen GmbH, which supplies top quality engines and propulsion systems for the shipbuilding, railway and power industries, as well as heavy machine construction.

Acting as the rail engine specialist, we may offer you the following range of services:

  •  supply of spare parts and special tools for the complete range of rail and military industry products,
  • supply of technical documentation within the specific scope,
  • performance of activities connected with technical acceptances,
  • repairs and surveys of propulsion units (PowerPack) with respect to certain groups of products,
  • technical consultancy..

Moreover, the Peter Renz company provides professional assistance with diesel locomotive modernization projects. Over the years together with MTU we have managed to modernize on the Polish market the following types of locomotives: SM 48, SM 42, S 200, SP 32, ST 44, ST 45 and ST 46.

We offer selection, sales and warranty repairs of dampers.
History of the ZF-Sachs company on the market of damper production started in 1954 together with "Uerdinger Schienenbus" 1971/72"ET 403" (Airport-Express) and has lasted until now. Products of this company are used in such lines as: "ICE 1 / 3" and "TGV".

The Peter Renz company acts on the Polish market as the authorized agent and service centre of the German Zahnradfabrik Friedrichshafen AG (ZF) cooperation, the largest European producer of manual and automatic gearboxes. We have been providing warranty and post-warranty repairs of the ZF products for many years. Close cooperation with ZF Friedrichshafen AG allows us to guarantee express deliveries of original parts and assemblies, owing to which our services are rendered quickly and professionally.

The HYWEMA® trademark has been symbolizing high quality, reliability, safety and durability for decades. As the only agent of the HYWEMA® - Hebebühnen elevator producer in Poland, the Peter Renz company has a complete range of the HYWEMA® products and accessories among its product mix.

Since the second half of 2008 we have been cooperating with the international TELMA and have become its direct sales and service agent.

The cooperation agreement extends our scope of activity to sales of electromagnetic retarders adapted to newly constructed and already exploited vehicles. We also provide service ans sales of spare parts.


How do we work?

What distinguishes our activity is the professional approach towards both warranty and post-warranty repairs. In our work we apply only modern and well-tried solutions corresponding to the technology of the ZF Friedrichshafen AG cooperation, using solely original spare parts. Our mechanics participate in specialist trainings in the ZF Fredrichshafen AG.

Should you have any questions regarding our offer, please contact the Peter Renz company representatives.