Peter Renz works as the agent of the German Motoren und Turbinen Union (MTU) Friedrichshafen GmbH , which supplies top quality engines and propulsion systems for the shipbuilding, railway and power industries, as well as heavy machine construction. 

Acting as the MTU agent, we may offer you the following range of services:

  • supply of spare parts and special tools for the complete range of rail and military industry products,
  • supply of technical documentation within the specific scope,
  • performance of activities connected with technical acceptances,
  • repairs and surveys of propulsion units with respect to certain groups of products,
  • technical consultancy,
  • railway locomotive modernizations.

Moreover, the Peter Renz company provides professional assistance with diesel locomotive modernization projects. Over the years together with MTU we have managed to modernize on the Polish market the following types of locomotives: SM 48, SM 42, S 200, SP 32, ST 44, ST 45 and ST 46.

Railbuses – the MTU Power Pack idea

Over 100 railbuses produced in Poland, which use the MTU modern Power Pack propulsion system, run on the Polish tracks. 500 units of this type are supplied by MTU every year in order to meet the needs of the largest producers in the railway industry.

Our offer includes a wide range of railbuses using the MTU propulsion. These vehicles are very popular among customers on the secondary market. With knowledge of the past and the way of utilizing these vehicles, we are able to help our Customers with selecting appropriate parts. 

If you are considering buying such a vehicle, we will be glad to answer your questions concerning railbuses.