We offer selection, sales and warranty repairs of dampers.
History of the ZF-Sachs company on the market of damper production started in 1954 together with “Uerdinger Schienenbus” 1971/72″ET 403″ (Airport-Express) and has lasted until now. Products of this company are used in such lines as: “ICE 1 / 3” and “TGV”.

In 1955 MAN also produced a diesel bus with hydraulic dampers.

The MAN bogie was equipped with vertical secondary dampers and horizontal dampers, which also fulfilled the function of yaw dampers.

ICE 1 bogies

The ZF Sachs company produces all types of vertical and horizontal dampers applied in rail vehicles. Yaw dampers are also manufactured.

Types of produced dampers:

  • T50 and T70 vertical primary dampers
  • T50 and T70 horizontal secondary dampers
  • T50 and T70 vertical secondary dampers
  • T50/28, T70/28 and T60 yaw dampers
  • T50/28 and T70/28 dampers for arctic applications
  • T50 inter-car and T70 horizontal dampers
  • T50 coupler and T70 horizontal dampers
  • ZF Sachs dampers

We provide warranty and post-warranty service for such enterprises as: NEWAG, PESA Bydgoszcz, Metro Warszawskie ZNLE, Gliwice Solaris Bus & Coach S.A. and Modertrans Koleje Śląskie. 

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